Ecological disposal of acetylene cylinders

Technovit in Ústí nad Labem carries out 100% ecological disposal of discarded acetylene cylinders, production of newly developed environmentally friendly porous material into acetylene cylinders and offers you other services related to pressure cylinders in general.

100% environmentally safe disposal technology of acetylene cylinders

Technovit as the only company in the world, offers certified and environmentally safe disposal technology for old acetylene cylinders. This technology 100% recycles all parts of acetylene cylinders containing asbestos and asbestos-free mass.

Permits for transboundary transport

The transboundary transport of old discarded acetylene cylinders requires the authorization of Ministries of the Environment in the country of origin of waste, all transit countries and the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic.

Technovit in cooperation with the waste producer, will secure all the documents to obtain the permit


Technovit will ensure the transboundary transport of discarded acetylene cylinders to our plant by a certified transport company with all valid training and licenses for transporting hazardous waste.

Cylinders preparation

After arrival of discarded acetylene cylinders to our plant, the cylinders are categorized according to the type of solvent. Transport caps and valves are removed from the cylinders.

Solvent discharge

Distillation of acetone from the cylinder takes place in a water bath. Distillation of DMF from the cylinder takes place in a specially modified gas furnace. Distilled solvents are used for secondary use.


By burn off of the valve thread and cylinder body are all cylinder devaluated to prevent the cylinders from being misused during transport for final recycling.

Smelting in furnaces

Vítkovice Heavy Machinery operates electric arc furnaces for steel manufacture and production of steel products where the devaluated acetylene cylinders serve as basic input raw material.

Asbestos is only dangerous in its fibro-crystalline structure. Its melting at a temperature above 1150 ° C, which is its melting point, switches to a harmless inert mineral.

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